Why Buy A Gaslow System ?

Calor / Handygas / FloGas Disadvantages

The age old problems with standard gas bottles in the UK are as follows:-

  1. Wastage – Going on holiday, give the Calor bottle a quick shake, hmmm it’s not full so let’s go and swap it for a full one for the holiday so we don’t run out.
  2. Hassle – Filling the bottle entails going to a Calor garage (or whatever brand Gas bottles you have), going to your gas locker, undoing securing strap, disconnect the gas hose, lug the empty bottle across the forecourt. Wait for the attendant to have time to leave the till and come to the secure rack storage and swap the bottle for you. Pay for the gas and then lug the very heavy bottle back across the forecourt and reconnect inside locker etc.
  3. No European gas – Calor etc are UK Companies only, this means if you do run out of gas on a holiday abroad you are faced with the prospect of finding somewhere to store the empty Calor bottle (As its not yours and is in fact on a lease) and then negotiating with a European garage in local language to take on a lease on that countries bottles.
  4. Cost – Due to the monopolization of the Gas industry in the UK the cost of the Gas refills is very costly.

Gaslow Kit Advantages

Basically the Gaslow advantages are the opposite of the Calor and similar disadvantages.

Gaslow bottles can be refilled all across Europe so no risk of running out and hassle with additional bottles.

No Wastage as you can simply top up the bottles by as much or as little as you want / need.

No Hassle for filling, simply top up your gas at the forecourt when you top up your Diesel.

Finally once the system has been purchased and installed the actual cost of refilling a Gaslow bottle vs any of the traditional counterparts such as Calor is approx 50% less !

Isn’t a Refillable Cylinder system Expensive ?

You can buy a single bottle with a direct fill adaptor for as little as £142 for a 6Kg bottle kit, if you choose all the options and go for the ultimate systems available then the price rises to £532.54 *Oct 2016 Pricing

But aren’t there Cheaper versions of Gaslow systems on the Market ?

Undoubtedly, but having dealt with Gaslow since 2007 we can be assured of their service ethos, quality products, technical expertise and constant innovation. Excellent support with a mobile specialist who can visit you to resolve any issues.

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