Which Gaslow Kit do I need ?

So you have made the decision to buy a Gaslow kit, but what do you need out of the vast array of Gaslow products available ?

Our Handy guide below will help you with the items you will need and give links to kits which are pre made up to allow you to quickly and easily buy whichever Gaslow kit is suited to your needs.

Which size Gaslow Bottles ?

This will mostly depend on the capacity of your gas locker space. Below are the sizes of the most common Calor bottles vs Gaslow bottle sizes so you should be able to ascertain what can take the place of your existing bottles:-

Cylinder Type/Size Height in mm Diameter in mm
Butane 4.5kg 340240
Butane 6kg BBQ Gas314306
Butane 7kg 495256
Propane 3.9kg 340240
Propane 6kg 495256
Propane 13kg 580315
Gaslow R67 2.7Kg310202
Gaslow R67 6Kg460246
Gaslow R67 11Kg540304

How many Gaslow bottles do I need ?

This will depend again on available size and also your needs. Obviously with two bottles you have twice the amount of Gas available and so in countries where LPG isn’t as available then it gives you more leeway between fills.

What’s the difference between a No.1 and a No.2 Gaslow Bottle ?

Very little really, it is just the number of hose connection points on the top, a No.2 bottle can be converted to the equivalent of a No.1 using a blanking cap

Gaslow Blanking Plug

Conversely a No.1 bottle can be converted to a No.2 using a T-Piece adaptor

Gaslow Filler Hose T-Piece Adapter

Can I mix Gaslow Bottles with Calor or other bottles ?

Yes Gaslow bottles can run alongside an existing bottle.

What are 90 Degree Adaptors used for ?

Gaslow 90 Degree adaptors are used in a couple of places normally, the first is where your Gas locker height is such that the hose that is attached to a No.2 vertical connection has less than 13cm of clearance before it bends horizontally. This can cause issues with the hose due to the acute nature of the kink in it. To bypass this we connect a 90 degree adaptor to the bottle so that the hose exits horizontally instead.

Secondly if you are fitting the Filling point in your Gas Locker door then Gaslow advise the use of a 90 degree adaptor on the rear of the filler before you connect the stainless steel filling hose to prevent too much flex on the back of the filler when the door is opened and closed.

gaslow 90 degree adaptor 01-4210

Can I upgrade from a Single Bottle system to a Twin Bottle System ?

Yes, you would need an additional bottle of course, a 2nd Cylinder Connection Hose to connect the bottles together and finally a pigtail hose (Hose that connects the bottle to the regulator or in the case of a twin system a changeover valve). Finally you would probably need a changeover valve which sits atop the regulator and allows both bottles to be connected at the same time.

What length Filling Kit do I use ?

This would normally depend on where you intend to place the filler, if it is going on the door of the Gas locker then probably a 0.6m filler is all that would be required, if however you are installing the filler in the skirt of the van then you will almost certainly need the 1.5m version of the filler kit.

What Colour Filling Kit White / Black or Grey ?

This is simply down to your preference on how you think the filling kit will look against the background of your van and whatever colour it is already.

Do I need a Mounting Bracket for the Filler ?

This is only required where the filler is being installed inside the Gas Locker which in most cases wouldn’t be advisable due to some filling stations not allowing you to fill if you open the locker and connect up inside due to confusion surrounding whether you are in fact trying to fill none refillable bottles using illegal connection concoctions

Will I need any adaptors for using Gaslow Abroad ?

Yes, in the UK No adaptors are needed, however when travelling abroad there are three adaptors which are needed. Check our our handy guide to which LPG Adaptors are needed in which countries.

Should I choose Rubber or Stainless Steel hoses ?

Again this is personal preference as both do the same job, however rubber hoses have a expiry lifespan of 5 years, whereas stainless steel hoses are 20 years.

Rubber Hoses are approx 1/3rd of the cost of stainless steel so actually Stainless Steel hoses are cheaper in the long run.

Another aspect is that back in the mid 2000s a study was carried out into why some caravan regulators were getting blocked and one of the contributory items was the leeching away over time of the inner lining of the rubber hose. With stainless steel hoses there is no rubber within the hose and so this isn’t an issue.

What is an Easy-Fit Hose ?

This type of Gaslow hose has a red thumbwheel on the end of the hose allowing you to tighten/loosen the hose without the need for a Gas Spanner. Easy-fit adaptors can be purchased as a separate adaptor to add to a normal hose also.

Gaslow Easy-Fit UK Propane Adapter

Automatic Vs Manual Changeover Valves ?

With a Gaslow Automatic changeover valve it really does what it says on the tin ! You turn both the Gaslow bottles on when full and set the changeover valve to one bottle. Once all the gas in that bottle has been used, the changeover “automatically” switches over internally to use the gas from the other Gaslow bottle and has an indicator on the front which changes colour to show that this has happened. So if it is 2am in the morning and torrential rainfall you will wake in the morning to nice and toasty heating, whereas with a manual gaslow changeover valve you either won’t know this has happened and wake up freezing in the morning, or you will be drawing straws with your partner as to who is getting dressed and going out in the dark and rain to switch over the manual changeover !

Gaslow Kits

We have bundled together all the parts required for Gaslow Kits with what are normally the standard parts customers opt for below:-

Twin Bottle Gaslow Kits
Single Bottle Gaslow Kits

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