What is the difference between a Gaslow No.1 and No.2 Bottle ?

gaslow no.2 bottle

What is the difference between a No.1 and a No.2 Gaslow Bottle ?

Gaslow bottles currently come in three sizes (2.7 / 6 and 11Kg) and two varieties called a No.1 and a No.2

The Only difference between them being the existence of two inlet connections on a No.2 bottle whereas a No.1 bottle only has one inlet connector.

A Gaslow No.1 bottle has a single right angled connection sticking out horizontally. As shown in the top right of the bottle in the picture with the red dust cap on. A No.1 Bottle can be used as a single bottle installation and the filling point hose is then connected to it via the single right angled connector. In a twin bottle installation the filler would be connected to the No.2 bottle and then a second cylinder connection hose is connected to the other connection on the No.2 bottle and the other end of that hose connects to the horizontal connection on the No.1 bottle enabling both bottles to be filled at the same time at a garage.

Alternatively if you had two No.1 bottles you can adapt one of the bottles using a three way adaptor to give you an additional connection on one of the bottles.

gaslow no.2 bottle

In a Gaslow No.2 Bottle there are two connections for inputs shown on the picture on the left by the vertical and horizontal connections with red dust caps on.

A No.2 bottle would normally be used in a twin bottle configuration and the filling hose and second cylinder connection hoses would connect to the vertical and horizontal connections although with the use of a blanking cap we can adapt it to be used as a single bottle configuration

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