How to upgrade a Gaslow kit from a Single to a Twin Bottle System

single gaslow kit to twin bottle kit
single gaslow kit to twin bottle kit

In order to upgrade from a single gaslow bottle kit to a twin gaslow bottle kit the following items will be required:-

Another Gaslow bottle of course, this can be the same size or different, the only caveat is that the bottle would normally be the opposite number bottle to that you already have i.e. If you had a No.1 bottle you would need to buy a No.2 bottle to go alongside it, see our guide on What is the difference between a No.1 and No.2 bottle.

Then you will most likely want a changeover valve, either manual changeover or automatic changeover depending on your needs / preferences.

You will also need what is called a 2nd cylinder connection hose which basically joins the bottles together and allows both bottles to be filled at the same time.

Finally you would need a pigtail hose i.e. the hose that goes from the changeover valve to the Gaslow bottle itself. This has a butane connector at one end to connect to the Gaslow bottle and a W20 connector at the other end which is compatible with the changeover valve or the regulator itself.

These Pigtail hoses come in differing lengths (0.45m / 0.75m / 1.0, / 1.5m etc) and in either Stainless steel or rubber.

If you have any questions on upgrading your Gaslow kit from single to twin bottles then Get in Touch

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