Gaslow Kits

We have selected all the Gaslow products required to make up a standard Full Gaslow kit.
Simply choose whether you need a single bottle gaslow kit, twin gaslow bottle kit or you may be upgrading from a single bottle kit to a twin. We have Gaslow kits for each option below.
We have a full Guide on how to choose a Gaslow Kit
You can either have a single Bottle Gaslow kit or Twin Bottle Gaslow Kit, or if you already have a single bottle Gaslow kit and you want more gas you can buy an Upgrade Twin kit if there is sufficient space in your gas locker.

Coronavirus Update
During the Lockdown we have been forced to close our Customer Service Premises so our phone lines are not available.

Skeleton staff are available to answer queries via email but please allow more time for responses.

We are now able to ship all Gaslow items but with minor delays possible due to limited staff availability.